Garage Door Repair El Monte, CA There are a lot of garage door opener options these days! So, this makes choosing a garage door opener can be a chore. Knowing the key differences will help you figure out which one makes the most sense for your home. We have highlighted the major pros and cons of each garage door opener in this article. Read on to figure out which one is best for you. Then, contact us to provide you with the service you need!



Chain Drive

LiftMaster 8360W Chaindrive

The most popular type of garage opener is the chain drive opener. This type of opener uses a chain to pull a trolley, which opens and closes your garage door.

Pros: Chain drive openers are the least expensive of the four. They also have long lives, making repairs necessary less often.  

Cons: The main drawback with chain drive openers is that they are noisy. Therefore, they are not ideal for an attached garage. 

Belt Drive 

LiftMaster 8550W Beltdrive

Belt driven garage door openers use a belt to open/close your door as opposed to a chain. They are also a popular residential garage door opener option.

Pros: Belt drive openers are the quietest option. This makes them perfect for attached garages.

Cons: Belt drive openers are more expensive than traditional chain drive openers. The belts also tend to need repairs/replacing more often. 

Screw Drive

LiftMaster 3240

Screw drive openers are operated by a threaded steel rod that rotates. This moves the overhead trolley, opening and closing the door. They are ideal for wooden doors or commercial odors since they are so

Pros: Screw drive openers are composed of less components than the above alternatives. This results in less maintenance over its lifetime. They are also slightly faster than other openers. They open about 7-10 inches per second, as opposed to other openers which move at 5-7 inches per second. So, they are pretty fast in terms of opening speed. Furthermore, they are also practical in cost.

Cons: The downside to these openers is that they can be even noisier than a belt drive opener, so they aren’t ideal for attached garages either.. 


Liftmaster 3900

Jackshaft garage door openers are best known for their use with commercial garage doors. As opposed to an overhead trolley, these openers are installed on the side of the door and lift it using a spring system. Therefore, they are not ideal for residential garage doors.

Pros: Because they are located on the side of the door, this makes garages with high ceilings able to utilize more space. They operate doors up to 14 feet high.

Cons: They can not be used on low headroom doors. Jackshaft openers cost roughly 25-30% more than other openers. 

Extra Safety Tips

Now that you’ve found the right garage door opener, make sure it is installed safely. Be sure that the door’s sensors are properly installed and tested. Also, make sure you test the manual release and backup battery. Be sure to have a professional garage door technician perform the install for you.


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