Garage door troubleshooting


Most common garage door problems

There are plenty of problems that can go wrong with your garage door opener. From small errors to major issues that need to be fix. Some you can fix yourself and some you may actually need to call a professional garage door repair company. So with some advice and tips that we’re going to give you. You can easily fix these smalls problems yourself or if it’s something you need to call a professional for, we’ll direct you to the right companies that can help you immediately.


Garage door not closing all the way

You may need to adjust the close limit switch, if this isn’t the issue then check to see if the door is binding when raised and lowered manually.


Can’t use the remote to open or close the garage door

There’s several different possible solutions you could try to solve this problem. The first thing you can do is move closer to the door to make sure you’re in range. You can also make sure the antenna is properly hanging down on the motor. If everything functions properly with the door and wall switch. Try replacing the remote battery or reprogramming it.


The garage door hesitates and reverses back up to the open position.

This could be because you have a open and close limit on your door opener. These limits can be set on how far the door will open or close before stopping. You need to set the limit closer to the motor, so when the door closes it shuts off at the perfect time.


Garage door is opening and closing by itself

You probably have a shortage either in your transmitter, wall button, or the wiring. To trouble shoot the issue try removing the batteries from the transmitter and operate the door from the wall button to see which one is the issue. If the problem continues, remove the wall button wire to ensure it’s not a shortage in the wire to the button. Then try using just the transmitters to operate the garage door.


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