African-Mahogany-Contemporary-Wood-Garage-Door-with-Anodized-Aluminum-Bands-Tungsten-Royce-1If you’re a homeowner you know that having your own garage to park your vehicles is very beneficial. With that being said picking the right garage door for your home is an absolute must. Garage doors are the largest opening to people’s home.

Some doors open manually while most open with automatic garage door openers controlled by remotes and keypads. The doors are counterbalanced by springs that offset the doors weight. Any doors that’s made from metals, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl are very important additions to your garage and home.

With good insulation added to your door. You’ll be able to prevent heat loss from your garage and home. Whenever a garage door is installed. It’s usually installed in the front of the home or the side of it.

Most homes these days use garage doors that’s made of either steel, aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. Wooden garage doors were popular years ago and today solid wooden doors are premium.

Wooden garage doors are long lasting and very durable. They are a perfect passage when entering into your house. Whatever style your home is you can get a wooden garage door customized to complement the appearance of your house.

Considering some homeowners are still into these type of garage doors and looking to have one installed in their home. We’re going to discuss some of the pros and cons of having a garage door made of wood.


The Pros

Garage doors made of wood are very strong and have insulating properties built in. They’re manufactured by renewable resources and will last a lifetime when properly maintained.

Wood garage doors can offer homeowners plenty of design options that’s suitable for their home. Theses designs can be painted, stained, or carved to suit an individuals home.

Hemlock, Pine, Mahogany, and Oak can all be use with your door. Whatever type of wood you choose is up to you and what style fits your home. If you’re looking for more of a vintage feel or looking to add a garage door to an historic house. Than wooden garage doors are perfect for you.

Wooden doors do not dent and they withstand scratches and scrapes better than metal or fiberglass. They can take way more physical abuse and are great to use if you have young children that tends to play in front of the garage door causing accidental actions or problems.

Wood garage doors can protect against high wind and extreme weather. They also can be customize to have pinch protection. Pinch protection keeps people’s fingers from being injured in between sections of the door and is great to have when you have small children.


The Cons

Some cons of having a garage door that’s made of wood are constantly doing maintenance. Yearly maintenance is require to keep your door in good condition. This consist of sanding down stains on the door and damaged wood. This will keep the wooden door from gaining moisture and rotting out.

Wooden garage doors are more expensive than doors made of metal or fiberglass. Any type of material and construction that needs to be done will also usually be more expensive due to the quality of work that’s needed for wooden doors.

These type of doors aren’t good to have with homes that’s close by beaches or in very rainy areas. This could cause the wood to swell and bind. Making it a lot harder for the garage door opener to lift the door.

If you have a house located in an area that’s real hot and dry all the time. You’ll need to oil down the door a couple times a year to keep the wood from drying out and splitting.